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Electric Cars

“With electric cars, everyone gets what they want.”

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Explore Electric Cars

When it comes to choosing an electric car, there are a few important factors to weigh. From the type of driving experience you’re after to specific features, ranges, and styles – it’s easy to find a ride that seamlessly fits your life. With various purchasing and leasing options, getting a new or used electric car is just as easy as choosing a gas-powered vehicle. Check out leasing tips and Edmund’s EV Buying Guide for more information.

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The Electric Car Driving Experience

What is driving an electricity-fueled car really like? Simple, it’s like driving a traditional car but ten times better. Because of the instant torque (pulling power), one-speed transmission, and regenerative braking of EVs, the handling is exhilarating and smooth. Fewer moving parts also means minimal maintenance is required to keep electric cars on the road, which saves time and money. Discover more about why you should get an electric car.

Two women posing for a photo while standing on and in front of their Jeep.

What Kind of Electric Car Should I Get?

There are a huge variety of EVs on the market and the options are only increasing with the expansion of new technology. Finding the right electric car to buy or lease isn’t hard, but it is important to explore all the options before making a final decision. Check out our favorite resources to help you make the call:

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Where to Get an
Electric Car?

Electric vehicle dealerships are spread throughout the state of Oregon and offer a range of buying and leasing options depending on what you’re after. Use the EV Rebate Dealership Finder to see which ones offer state approved rebates with purchases so you can save while reducing emissions.