About Oregoin' Electric

Oregoin’ Electric is a group of government organizations, public entities, and private companies coming together to create a hub for all things EV related in the great, green state of Oregon. It’s a celebration of electric fuel and a road map of accessible resources existing to support drivers throughout every stage of their electric car journeys. The world is shifting towards electric, and Oregon is proud to be leading the charge. Join us – it’s a beautiful drive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the go-to resource for Oregonians to learn about electric fuel and make the switch to driving electric. By bringing together state departments, businesses and utilities, Oregoin’ Electric provides a cohesive look at the benefits and experience of driving electric for every person in the state from rural to urban, no matter the socioeconomic status.

Goals for the Future

Our goals looking forward are to continue to drive the shift to electricity as a fuel in order to benefit the environment, increase charging infrastructure, and enable people to live their best, battery powered lives.

Our Partners