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"Driving Electric is more fun."

A woman plugging her electric Ford Mustang into a charger.

Driving Electric Cars

Is it like flying a spaceship? Not quite, it’s more like driving a traditional car but way better. Due to the instant torque (pulling power), one-speed transmission, and regenerative braking of EVs, the handling is fierce, exhilarating, and extra smooth. Some drivers call it ‘the fun factor’ Fewer moving parts also means minimal maintenance is required to keep electric cars on the road, which saves time and money.

One of the biggest differentiators between EVs and gas-powered cars is the noise. If traditional cars shout, consider electric vehicles word class whisperers. Instead of an engine revving, you’ll feel a subtle vibration letting you know the car is ready to take on the drive. Another important factor of EVs is the dashboard which features simple, clear signals to let you know the car is ready to drive.

Technology in the electric transportation field is evolving by the minute, which means the electric car options are only going to continue to expand in the future. The variety in the EV marketplace is already extensive, making it easy to find the perfect electric car to fit your lifestyle. Different models and features are being implemented left and right including increased ranges, new styles and sizes, charger types, and beyond. There is also ongoing construction of more and more public charging stations, making choosing electric a no brainer. 


Electric cars vary when it comes to charge range, which is the distance an electric car can go between charges. Different models vary, but the average range is 190 to 250 miles per fully charged battery.

Many who are considering choosing electric are cautious of EV range but check out at this example: if your daily commute is less than 30 miles, and your car’s range is 100 miles per charge, you should be able to go 3 days between charges. And you can easily plan longer road trips to see where chargers are on your route, so the learning curve is low. Whether commuting, running errands, or taking longer road trips, you can easily adjust to the different ranges electric cars. Explore and compare different distances of electric car ranges to see what fits best for you.

Similar to charging your phone or laptop batteries, filling up an EV battery is quick, clean, and cost effective. Electric fuel can charge at multiple speeds based on the charging setup and equipment, with options for chargers at home and out in public. To learn more about charge types and public stations, head to our full charging page and explore our Trip Planner. Trip Planner allows you to set a start and end point to see where chargers are along your route. You can also filter for certain charger types and see transportation corridors.

Trip Planning

For day to day and around town driving, staying charged is easy. Whether you use an at home charge to fuel at night or fill the battery while grocery shopping, staying full of juice for those close to home trips is cheaper and easier than with gas. For the longer road trips, you’ll want to plot out pit stops at public charging stations along your route. Byways throughout Oregon offer accessible charge stations within an average of 50 miles along certain highways and tools like our Trip Planner make hitting the road and staying on it a breeze. Trip Planner allows you to set a start and end point to see where chargers are along your route. You can also filter for certain charger types and see transportation corridors.

Why Should I Get an Electric Car?

Where to start? It’s an one-of-a-kind driving experience, it’s cheaper, it’s better for the planet and for your quality of life, and it’s the future. Just take it from real EV drivers.

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Testimonial 1

“Never have to get gas, never have to get maintenance, never have to change the oil. Keeping it charged was our biggest fear, but we’ve never even come close. I don’t miss driving a gas-powered car at all.” – Johnny 

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Testimonial 2

“It’s multi-layered, there’s an element of convenience and also the idea of being an early adopter which is attractive to me. I’ve always loved technology. I was in a job that required a lot of driving and the thought of waking up to a fully charged car really appealed to me. It was also great in terms of cost and saving money. I would never go back to a gas vehicle again.” – Frank 

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Testimonial 3

“I get to feel good about a vehicle that’s great for me financially and also great for me in the sense that it’s easy, sturdy, and does everything I need it to do. Overall they’re wonderful and reasonably priced. Buy an EV, do it now.” – Courtney 

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Testimonial 4

“With the electric vehicle, I don’t have anything but wiper fluid and tires – those are literally my only expenses.” – Jared 


Try One Out

Want to see what driving an electric car feels like for yourself? First, zero in on the type of EV you’re interested in because they range from sports cars to SUVs. Next, determine your price range and then go get in that driver’s seat.

A woman sitting and smiling at the driver's seat of her electric Ford Mustang.